Projects completed by team members:

Solving a garbage collector issue

A major transactional site was experiencing lower capacity after changing to larger servers.  Intense study of all changes found a secret Microsoft patch.

New installation slowed under load

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General slowdown of mssql database

Running and thereafter scheduling the appropriate maintenance jobs, soon had this financial system back up to speed.

Intermittent slow down sent site into tailspin

The halt might have been for a few seconds, but the backlog sent this transactional site into a tailspin.

Load-testing of website pro deployment

By setting the site up in a lab, emulating all connectivity and potential loads,  any bottlenecks could be found and eradicated before go-live.


Project List

Multisite sessioning solution

By creating a multisite sessioning mechanism, a transactional site can flow customer sessions between locations without creating additional network traffic.

Disaster Recovery

DR planning, preparation, location sourcing and contracts, execution, testing, documentation and evidence gathering